How Your Web Design Affects Lead Generation

When web design comes up in discussions, many people think of it in terms of beautifying your website – sort of like the makeup for your website. However, web design plays a far bigger role than this, chief among them influencing the level the effectiveness of lead generation. The way you design your website will influence how effective you are with regards to generating new leads from your website as well as how effective you are in converting the leads to paying customers. Herein we will explore the various ways in which your web design will influence your lead generation efforts.

#1. First Impressions

With so much competition for attention, your website has as little as 50 milliseconds to make an impeccable first impression. As such, if you have a less than stellar web design that is eye-catching and attention grabbing, you can be sure of struggling a great deal to generate leads. With this in mind, you should consider using a clear imagery, clean layout, and a clear theme. 

For instance, you can opt for a modern themed website to convey a message of freshness, creativity, and innovation. You also use a classic theme to convey a perception of timelessness and longevity – showing your business is experienced, stable, has been in the business for long, and it is here to stay.

If you have poor aesthetics with no clear theme, most of your traffic will opt for your competition, thereby generating dismal leads.

#2. Navigation, Accessibility, And Usability

You should make it a priority for your website to have a clean and logical navigation to improve accessibility and usability of your website. You want to make it easy for anyone using your website to find the information they seek regardless of whatever stage they are in your lead generation funnel. As such, you need you make sure that your navigation is intuitive enough for both first-time users and ardent users of your website to use. Make it consistent with regards to headlines, imagery, links, and call to actions.

On the other hand, having a convoluted navigation, you risk putting off your leads as they will struggle to find the information they need to make a decision with regards to your company and your products or services. 

#3. Readability And Comprehension

The typography and hierarchy of information is part of web design. Having high contrast and clear information hierarchy ensure that your traffic can read or skim through your content, and, therefore, they can learn about your company and products and or services. Otherwise, your traffic will just bounce and move to your competitors as they will have a hard time trying to figure out your unique proposition.

It's vital to have great design and a lead generation agency.